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Components Price List

Interactive components price list

The Street Crane components price list is available for all our distributors to download directly from our SharePoint website. 

This ‘interactive’ list now makes crane kit or component selection very simple by using a shopping basket style approach to product selection and pricing compilation. The components price list reflects a lot of hard work done by our development team to reduce our production costs and the desire at Street to pass all such savings on to our customers. Our aim is that access to this list enables all our distributors to sell more products and become more successful.

  • Individual components may be selected as follows.

  • Chain hoists

  • ZX wire rope hoists

  • End carriages

  • End carriage connection plates

  • Long travel drives

  • Mains electrical panels

  • Festoons

  • Festoon tracks

  • Long travel electrical cable kits

  • Mains cable kits

  • Pendant kits

  • Accessory kits

  • Optional extras